The Top 10 Dying Industries

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The American research company, IBIS World released a list of the top 10 dying industries. It is a perfect example of how the rise of technology has surpassed the need for more traditional media. Wired telecommunication carriers, newspaper publishers, video rental and record stores are all slowly being left behind as the Internet, cellphones and other digital media begin to move to the forefront.

Even TV stations and traditional advertising or media agencies have begun a slow decline in emphasis as we move further and further into a digital world.

For instance, UK companies are now spending a quarter of their marketing budget on online marketing. Whereas less than ten years ago online marketing was categorised as merely an alternative marketing source.

Itís not long until South Africa follows suit. Our broadband and Internet services will eventually catch up with the rest of the world and more and more people will find themselves spending time online.

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Sector Revenue 2010 (in millions) Decline 2000-2010 Number of
Establishments 2010
Decline 2000-2010
Wired Telecommunications Carriers $154,096 -54.9% 23,474 -10.5%
Mills $54,645 -50.2% 9,553 -23.6%
Newspaper Publishing $40,726 -35.9% 6,128 -28.6%
Apparel Manufacturing $12,800 -77.1% 2,265 -60.5%
DVD, Game & Video Rental $7,839 -35.7% 17,369 -34.8%
Manufactured Home Dealers $4,538 -73.7% 3,968 -56.7%
Video Postproduction Services $4,276 -24.9% 1,789 -43.2%
Record Stores $1,804 -76.3% 2,916 -77.4%
Photofinishing $1,603 -69.1% 7,083 -59.3%
Formal Wear & Costume Rental $736 -35.0% 2,310 -28.5%

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