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Learning Management Systems (LMS) are organising frameworks for online training.  LMSs provide a wide range of benefits for businesses of all sizes. eLearning is organised within the LMS so that tracking and recording can take place of training activities.

It is without question that eLearning is both cost-effective and convenient.  Large numbers of employees and staff can access training courses at any time in any place.  Read these articles here and here about eLearning and the many benefits.

What does the LMS do?

What the LMS can typical do is incorporate:

  • course content delivery
  • student registration
  • administration
  • training event management
  • curriculum management
  • certification management
  • skills and competencies management
  • skills gap analysis
  • individual professional development plans
  • reporting
  • training record management
  • the ability to author software for courses

Organise eLearning

Qualifications in LMSs can:

  • be custom designed for your specific organisational needs,
  • set consistent and measurable standards,
  • disseminate information quickly and easily,
  • create timelines for training,
  • integrate existing materials into new course,
  • monitor and record progress, and
  • allow for flexibility for managers and staff.

If you’re looking to cash in on the future of employee training, have an LMS of your own.  Contact us to hear more about our in-house built LMS for your own custom solutions.


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