Could LinkedIn Showcase Pages Replace your small Website?

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Companies with products and services that target a unique audience and who’s demographic is active on LinkedIn will be pleased to know there is a new tool to communicate with called Showcase Pages. LinkedIn is phasing out the Company page products and services function, which would be bad news if it wasn’t for the feature they’re replacing it with.  Could LinkedIn’s Showcase pages replace your website?

Benefits and Features

  • Showcase Pages have a considerably larger “hero” image which sits gloriously at the top of the page, which means you can explore illustrating your product/service in new creative ways.
  • The page has a double-column layout which makes consuming page content very convenient.
  • Each Showcase Page has its own content feed and can be followed individually. This is especially great news for companies appealing to a mixed demographic. For example: B2B Clients receive only B2B related content.
  • Each page directs back to the main company page which means all your content is still centralised around your company.
  • Each page comes equipped with LinkedIn’s incredibly handy analytics function, which means you can analyse your pages and optimise them, a little A/B Testing goes a long way.

How to Set One Up

  1. Enter Company page
  2. Click on the drop down arrow to the right of the “Edit” button and select the option “Create a Showcase Page.”
  3. Choose a name and administrators, and then click on “Create Page.”
  4. Add all product related content, including links, images, copy and industry information (B2B or B2C).
  5. Click on “Publish.”

Notes: Ensure your content is tailored specifically to your demographic and product/service offering. Each company page is limited to 10 Showcase Pages.

The Microsoft Example

Microsoft was one of the early showcase page adopters and has done a beautiful job tailoring their content to their targeted demographic. Each page is targeted and houses unique content.

The Office page’s content is different to the Lync page which are both different to the Microsoft Company Page. Have a look here.

Showcase Pages have created massive opportunities for businesses to tailor their product-related content and target their message to the exact demographic. Does that mean showcase pages could replace your website? If LinkedIn decides to keep this feature then we might start to see some small companies using this feature instead of a website, however there are still limitations and the issue of ownership.

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