Do You Really Need a Blog?

By Robyn Bloch

The short answer to the question asked in the title of this article is yes. According to a study conducted on HubSpot, having a business blog will lead to 55% more visits to your site. It will also create 97% more inbound links, which will highly influence your SEO.

Why Your Company Needs a Business Blog

1. Blogs attract and drive traffic to your website. 

2. Their informal and casual tone creates a friendly, open feel that aids in building a community.

3. This community feel adds humanity to a potentially otherwise faceless brand.

4. Blogs don’t necessarily need to tout the product or service associated with it — in fact they are a space for value-adding content that does not attempt to sell anything.

5. If a blog adds valuable and interesting content consistently, it is not unusual for a blog to have much more traffic than the website associated with it.

6. A blog addresses the needs of clients at all stages of the buying cycle, from research to post-purchase.

7.Following Google’s Panda updates, a lot of weight is given to mentions on social media platforms. A blog forms the centre point for social media marketing campaign and thus your SEO.

To be successful a blog needs to be updates frequently with interesting, unique, value-adding content, which is often very time consuming. There are companies, like Sound Idea Digital, that specialise in content creation and blog administration.

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