Concerns and Considerations When Implementing eLearning

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Implementing a new eLearning system in an organisation is a project filled with questions from all round.  Here are some of the most common concerns and considerations we are asked by our clients.

Are the learning system and the company’s server compatible?
Usually your company’s IT person would be able to help with this question.  Compatibility between our custom developed LMS and the company server must be determined.

Is there enough data storage space for the eLearning courses? / How is the bandwidth of the company going to be affected? 
eLearning courses can range from very small (text document upload) to massive (HD video simulations).  We try to keep file size small enough to allow fast page loads and smooth use of the eLearning systems while still maintaining a visually appealing level of detail.

How big are the courses?
Well that very much depends on you.  You may decide that your training solution needs to be wide (cover many different topics) or deep (fewer different topics, but covered from the simplest to most complex aspects).  Sometimes the scope of the training course needs to be reassessed to reduce costs and time developing it, or to maximise learning effectiveness. 
Ask yourself if it is really necessary for employees to learn about, for example, the history and origins of Excel and all the many functionalities, formulas and debugging of the software (deep learning) in order to use it in a real work situation.  Or if it is necessary for your staff to know the entire Microsoft Office suite (wide learning), from Word to Access to SharePoint when only a few Excel formulas are ever needed in their real daily work.

Do I need a server of our own or can the eLearning service provider host it?
At Sound Idea, we offer a variety of solutions for this.  We can host the LMS on our server on your behalf or the company can host it themselves.  Management of the software and content can be done by us, you or shared.

How easy is it to upload courses?
We try to make our LMS as user friendly as possible.  Navigation and menus are intuitive and easy to learn.  This makes course uploads simple.

Would I need to send new courses to the eLearning service provider to upload or can the company do it ourselves?
Either.  Depending on the hosting and management option you have selected, the company may be independently free to upload courses and content whenever they desire, or have the management service provided by Sound Idea to upload content on your behalf.  Alternatively, shared responsibility of course uploads is a popular choice.

What is the learning curve for users and administrators?
We try to keep the learning curve as flat as possible.  User friendly interfaces with intuitive design considerations make for easy navigation.  Additionally, a user and administrators manual can be provided with clear step-by-step instruction to achieve any result.  Face-to-face training for both users and administrators can be arrange too.

How user friendly is the system?
The systems are designed for their usability and the end user is always kept in mind during development.  Because the Sound Idea LMS was in-house designed, there are full customisation capabilities.  Careful planning and consultations are conducted at the beginning analysis phases to determine exactly how users and administrators are going to use the system to get the most out of it, in the simplest ways.

Do you have some other concerns and considerations about implementing eLearning at your organisation?  Comment below, or email us and we will address it right away.


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