Choosing Your Options in eLearning Development – Part 2

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Following from Part 1, we take a look at some more variables which are involved in eLearning content development.  There is no simple answer to “How much is this eLearning going to cost me?” because each variable and choice you make about what your eLearning should be affects the cost and time required for the project.

This article addresses choices the complexity of the eLearning, which ranges from a very simple presentation to high-end production value, multimedia, interactive, award winning style eLearning.  There are various development options, too.  The major determiner is on what existing content and material you have to provide to your eLearning specialist.


The production value of the eLearning items can range from quite simple to state-of-the-art applications in learning and technology.

  • Level 1: Courses are simple yet engaging. Information is mainly in the form of text.  There is a minimum to moderate use of media.  Stock photos are sometimes used.
  • Level 2: There is an increased amount of media. An addition of icons, conceptual graphics and other visual elements appear at this level.  Text-to-speech options are applicable. There is some use of video.  Get a customised graphic interface and menus. Learner feedback is provided.
  • Level 3: A professional voice artist is hired to narrate. Rich media is used. Characters and avatars are custom made.  More videos are integrated.  Interactive applications, motion graphics and pop-ups are possible at this level.  Students can receive detailed feedback.
  • Level 4: All the stops are pulled out. Courses are theme-based.  Gamification and mobile interfaces are built in.  Expect custom animation, simulations and more interactivity.  Complex forms of testing and assessment are provided.

Development Options

The amount of development which needs to be done to create the eLearning content has a very big effect on cost and time needed to complete the project.  A lot depends on how much content is already in a usable form.

  • You provide the slides, content, video and any other course materials including quiz questions. We will combine these resources into one eLearning course, optionally arranged in an LMS.
  • You provide the slides, content, script and course materials in electronic format. We will enhance it where needed and add supporting media and material.
  • You provide just the content. We develop a script, layout, course flow, student interactions, games, assessments and audio.
  • You provide the content experts. We provide the content development experts, the instructional designers, the graphic designers and the programmers.  We will develop all the learning interactions, graphics, audio and video.

At this point it may be advisable to review some of those ambitious desires of custom development and highly complex production value.

eLearning content development has many variables and options available to you.  Cost and time are affected by the choices your make regarding the scope, various eLearning approaches and options, the tools and systems, the complexity of the project and the amount of outsourced development of your content and other materials.

Curbing the outsourcing by providing your eLearning Service Provider with as much ready to use content as possible will go a long way in saving time and money in eLearning development.  Consult with eLearning experts to guide you in what and how your face-to-face learning and training can move into a digital format.


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