Types of eLearning - Asynchronous eLearning

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To Synchronous eLearning there is also Asynchronous eLearning.  A convenient and diverse form of learning, which has many possible application and benefits.  With the enhancements and futuristic developments of technology, the possibilities for education and training are seemingly limitless. 

Asynchronous Learning

Asynchronous Learning – purely online, self-study learning.  Can happen anywhere, any time.

The freedom to study anywhere, anytime means that a degree of autonomy and independence is required from the student.  But often students need support and (human) interaction to complete their online studies.  This can happen in the form of emails, threaded discussions, message boards, discussion groups and forums, to name a few.

Course information can also be found in text formats like wikis and blogs, and, perhaps the most well-known and used format, text on a secure access website.  Audio formats for online learning include items like podcasts and voice messages.  Video is perhaps the second most common and well-known form of Asynchronous Learning, often showing recording of live lectures or semi-scripted talks by subject matter experts.

Newer applications used for Asynchronous Learning now include interactive self-paced learning that is developed using authoring software and is SCORM compliant so that it may be integrated with learning management systems (LMS).  This form of learning can be highly effective and can create a totally immersive experience for students, especially when combined with simulations and game-based learning techniques.


There’s also a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning: Blended learning.  This topic is dealt with in the next instalment of this series.  Also, don’t miss out on the animated video, which summarises these three articles.


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