The Slamming Doors of SEO

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Search engine optimizers causing problems for Google has been a long time coming. The problem is this: Optimized web content does not necessarily equate to quality web content. As of recently, Google has taken action in addressing devious “old-school” SEO tricks, for to allow quality websites to drown out irrelevant yet optimized websites on search engine result pages.

Google Speaks

Matt Cutts, the Head of the Webspam team at Google, announced at SXSW that with new ranking algorithms (Panda updates and recent Penguin updates), Google will penalize aggressive over-optimization of sites for the sake of online visibility.

The question that was asked of Cutts at SXSW was, “…if you’re looking for something, and the first page is just optimized content, and it’s not what you’re actually looking for? Are you pretty much out of luck?…” [See more from Markus Sheridan]

User, this is in fact your lucky day. As it turns out, Google won’t let this slide.

What has changed?

Google wants their search results to reflect high standards of quality and relevance. Google has systematically changed its rules and algorithms when it comes to sites reaching their top ten rankings, because popular, but abusive, methods of SEO has to be ridden out. With these changes, some have gone as far as to say, “Search Engine Optimization is dead as we know it.”[See more at SEO is Dead].

The award-winning site, has recently released their job statistics and the demand for web-related work in general has increased, however, there is some bad news.

“If you’re in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) game, you may need to think about a career
change.”  Nur Bremmen.

To perform an initial and on-going SEO procedure on a website in the traditional way has recently become redundant. For example:

  • Link building

Natural links are good for your website, but links flooding random pages, like link sharing between sites that have nothing in common, and link farms, will no longer suffice.

"Links were a better quality signal when the world didn't know that they were a signal," Eric Enge recently wrote. "But, those days are gone." [See more at].

Other redundant tricks would include:

·         Keyword Stuffing

·         Doorways

·         Cloaking

The thing is this: SEO is no longer a game on Google, it’s a content strategy.

One closing door opens up another

“The solution to all of this is the same thing it has been since the search engine was invented by Alan Emtage in 1990—produce great content that people care about. Or, as Cutts put it at SXSW: “Make a compelling site. Make a site that’s useful. Make a site that’s interesting. Make a site that’s relevant to people’s interests…” Markus Sheridan.

These are the new factors to focus on if your website is going to be successful on a search engine:

  • A solid content strategy
  • A consistent update strategy
  • Utilisation of Social Media signals.

Assuring that your content works for you

The following is essential if you are to construct and implement a good content strategy:

  1. Keyword research
  2. User research
  3. Content audit
  4. Content analysis
    1. What should stay?
    2. What should go?
    3. Does your content support your goals and objectives?

Social Media signals: Optimization through Twitter

“Social indicators are becoming key to ranking” [See more at SEO is Dead].

Twitter is a natural quality filter for the web. This is because Twitter account holders Tweet and re-Tweet quality pages. They need to do this to maintain and increase their Twitter following. Search engines view consistently updated sites as good sites. Therefore, Twitter counts as a strong factor in a content update strategy.

.Social Media management and content strategy is the new and exceedingly better path to take. Optimization now depends on effort, quality and creativity

An Arranged Marriage: SEO and Content

“SEO is no longer a math problem, it’s a human one... It’s time for you to see the truth about SEO… and adjust accordingly.” .”[See more at SEO is Dead].

A website’s SEO cannot be better than its content; the concepts “SEO” and “Content” should not be viewed as divorcees at all. The one’s success should naturally depend on the other’s. Accept and adjust: Content is the new trick of the trade. A high ranking URL is too be earned.

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